Syria Smart is a leading company in the field of maintenance and advisory services in information technology domain and provides services within the Syrian Arab Republic. Our company follows the best professional practices we have gained since 2005 in the field of information technology. We are proud to help our customers to achieve continuous success of their IT-based business simply by understanding each client's needs. And then meet their requirements with unique technical support in accordance with the required standards


Our mission is to provide IT solutions and maintenance services to our customers as well as installation services and future development where our services are distinguished to meet the expectations of our customers.


To be the undisputed first choice in our field of work. Providing innovative IT solutions and services with high economic value over the long term.

Our goal

We are committed to excellence by becoming a leading company with the confidence of our customers and employees. We provide support to our customers to become a vital part of their success.

Our Team

Because we give importance to the quality of our services, we focus on the best staff in their field. We invest in our staff to give their best to serve our customers. Whether in the field of IT engineering, sales, marketing, maintenance or installation, each of them receives the best training to deal with the most complex problems to provide smart solutions as well as doing what serves the interest of the client.
Our team consists of:
  • General Manager
  • Executive Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager and Planning
  • Consultant to help study projects
  • IT systems and networks engineers
  • Mobile systems and applications engineers
  • Communications and electron engineers
  • Graphic Designer
  • Technical team for photocopiers and printers maintenance
  • Surveillance systems and protection and safety devices specialists Team
  • Sales engineers
  • Financial Management Team

Our Values

We manage our company through our core values that keep us committed to our business and feel responsible to each of our customers. Key values we believe in:


If innovation is not part of the work, we do not waste our time


We seek to identify our self from the rest through unique ways of thinking


We work hard to find IT solutions and maintenance services, but we are working hard to build confidence


We provide smart solutions to simplify and maintain the problem professionally


We do our services to you as if they were for us


We clearly describe everything we do to reach a common understanding

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Syria Smart

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Damascus - Syria
1- Mashrouaa Dumar
2- Abou Roummaneh
3- Al Baramkeh - Free Zone

Mobile: 094 000 9020
Tel: 011 213 9020

[email protected]

We provide technical support services for your business and we are dedicated to take care of your equipment, expanding and strengthening it. We are at the forefront of technical support with unique maintenance capabilities that enable us to provide proactive support and continuous monitoring through engineers and technicians ready to meet your needs, so you can focus on your business, not on the technology you use. This service extends to technical and electronic errors.
We offer you this service by:
● Field Technical Support: A specialist engineer will work with you within your company to provide preventive support for all your IT equipment through periodic visits and emergency support.
● Telephone technical support: Any problem or malfunction can be reported at any time of the day, and on any day of the year during the contract period. Our team will solve the problem by telephone or escalate it to make a field visit when necessary.

Do not be disturbed if your monitoring and protection systems are down and do not worry about the security system being broken, the solution is simple
Our company provides instant and quick service to:
● Maintenance of all types of surveillance, fingerprint, entry and attendance systems as well as fire systems. Where we maintain the latest types of high technology
● Repair faults that may occur for one device within the system or several devices and systems.
● Change and install all spare parts.
● Install, update, expand all types of systems.

Our company provides the best maintenance solutions for printing devices for enterprises, companies and various centers in order to ensure the continuity of the work of these devices because of it’s importance in all domains.
Where we provide direct services and flexible maintenance contracts to meet the maintenance needs of photocopiers, printers, Plotters and fax machines. Including:
● Periodic maintenance.
● Repair any malfunction of the machine because of not using it for a long time.
● Repair of faults such as blurred printing and copying - different icons on the machine screen - no paper pulled out of the inserting drawers - paper jamming inside the machine - laser problems - white printing - problems in stability of ink on paper - problems with blackness printed pages - color problems with the printed images - the depreciation of the parts- and other problems.

We at Syria Smart believe that the right way to build a network structure is the right foundation for its infrastructure. Therefore, our company provides its services by rehabilitating the network structures of companies and institutions, allowing these structures to achieve all the benefits and desired results. Our engineers are required to complete the required work with high efficiency. A detailed report is prepared of all the required works and the implementation of the solution.
Our experts can rehabilitate all the components of the network infrastructure and put it in the right way in proportion to the devices connected through it.
This service includes all kinds of copper and optical network cables and the consequent maintenance in all its forms:
● Rehabilitation of network storage and cabling
● Ensure network resources are ready
● Solve problems separating points and disconnecting

Our company offers its services in this field with its extensive experience in the applications of telephone exchanges and its maintenance, including:
● Installation, programming and maintenance of Analog telephone exchanges.
● Installation and maintenance of digital PBX and VOIP PBXs at various capacities.
● Link Company branches to enable internal communication between them at different distances between them.

This service is based on Mikrotik products, known for its ability to manage the network within multiple properties. Our services includes programming and maintenance of these equipment to ensure the high performance for the companies in its work:
● Integrate more than one internet line for maximum speed
● Create an account for each user to determine the available speed
● Block unwanted sites and provide security for each user
● Set up and adjust all additional features for each Mikrotik product

Due to the development of IT-based business areas and the continued support of our customers.
Syria Smart provides courses in the fields of IT for the employees of their clients in their headquarters to raise the scientific and practical level of their employees in the use of information technology. Which reflects the high performance of employees in their work.

Syria Smart can install and maintain all data center equipment to suit the requirements of companies by:
● Configure, maintaining and developing servers.
● Configure, maintaining and developing switches and routers.
● Configure, maintain, and upgrade external storage (NAS Storage, San Storage).
Depending on the best standards and methods adopted and secured by the appropriate firewall for all requirements.
Our company ensures that all its operations are in accordance with the latest systems and development plans set by its customers to ensure prosperity and growth in its business.

Our networking service also includes the maintenance and development of optical networks currently in service by our customers by:
● Extension, installation and connection of optical fiber cables
● Optical welding of fibers
● All kinds Optical tests
● Provide optical cable accessories

We are pleased to offer all of our customers antivirus products that provide protection for their companies against viruses and harmful programs and attacks of piracy.
Our company offers kaspersky, bitdefender, and ESET NOD32 products with its corporate vesion. Our service includes:
● Install, configure, and create copies for users.
● Full control of blocking unwanted sites.
● Control user permissions.
● Give permissions to run external drives (Flash Drive) and laser discs
● Prepare all additional features provided by these products.

One of the most important components of the technical equipment, which we conduct most of our work with is electronic components. Therefore, Syria Smart has dedicated a professional staff to meet the urgent requests for the damage of these pieces and electronic boards, which you are affected by the interruption of technical equipment or even dispensing them. The history of our business shows the importance and usefulness of having an efficient and reliable electronic repair and maintenance service provider. The staff repairs and maintains all faults within the technical equipment of computer, network and printing equipment through direct services or annual contract which general and general and urgent maintenance are carried out at the level of the electronic components of these devices in maximum speed and efficiency.

We specialize in the development and establishment of desktop software and applications and the implementation of new ideas of applications and programs, our experienced team are ready for your requirement in design and programming, we can design the structure of computer applications and based on the requirements of the client and the implementation of the following:
● Software systems (including updates and repairs).
● Software applications (including updates and restoration).
● Databases.

We build and develop all kinds of Mobile applications: native applications, and hybrid applications, for all popular mobile systems.
We guarantee your satisfaction and get the best mobile application that meets your needs and provides you the advantages that your business needs to achieve your success.

Visual Communication Technology (or so-called graphic design) includes everything that helps you to better display your business identity in order to reach as many actual customers as possible,
● Company logo
● Personal cards
● Official papers
● Brochures
● Advertising boards
And other tools you need to advertise your business identity.

Due to the superiority of the Internet by far on other technologies, through its many advantages, and there is no other communication method have received its reputation and capability of transferring Data so far, the rapid spread of the Internet, and acceptance of people, and depth of impact in their lives. Our company offers development and design of the Internet and the additional services required such as booking hosting and domain name of our customers.
Our services include:
● Web Design: It is the work of all the graphics of the site from partition of the site and its external appearance and the design of banners and icons and the choice of fonts and colors.
● Web site programming: is the attention to everything related to the server and linking the databases, design, and how the site works itself in all its technical aspects
● Hosting Reservation: We offer you a unique hosting plans and suitable for individuals, companies or small businesses. Each plan comes with many functions, features and server specifications to ensure the stability of your website and its hosting
● Domain Name Reservation: You can register a domain name for your business to be your permanent address on the Internet.

Developing and updating laptop computer specifications and raising their performance:
Only (for companies, establishments and offices).
● Now you can take advantage of old devices discarded due to lack of response and rejection of modern programs.
● We add on computers the latest and best materials that make it a competitor to the new devices in the market to be able to run the latest programs at a high speed.
● Guarantee of non-receipt in case he does not fulfill the request.
● A two-year guarantee on the device's performance.
● A two-year warranty on installed parts.

Queue management system for waiting in public halls:
● An electronic system to organize the service of waiting people according to the order of their arrival to the hall and according to the intended service of the visitor. This system is required for waiting halls that contain several windows to meet customers, as in banks and remittance companies, paying bills and in waiting halls of public clinics.
● The system consists of:
● Parking ticket cutter device (with touch screen and ticket printer).
● Digital panels to display the visitor's reference number (one plate for each service window in the hall).
● Main display board.
● Pager device (one device for each service window in the hall).
● Sound equipment (to be distributed in the hall according to request).
● Computer program for managing system components.